Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Mustache You a Question...

So earlier in the week I floated in and out of the loveliest sewing shop downtown.
Crimson Tate, Modern Quilter has been on my to-shop list for AGES. And, while I've eyed it desperately in passing for some time, I finally walked myself from one end of Mass Ave to the other on a lunch break, and promptly fell in love.

I could live in that shop.

There are so few placed in Indy where you can buy 'the good stuff'. And Crimson Tate is in Walking Distance. And they offer classes that I'm dying to sign up for...and patterns...and...sigh. I knew once I finally started shopping there I was done for. I was right. I've spoiled myself for sure.
I walked out with a few yards of Heather Ross and a pattern for a gift for Moms for next month...AND... Mustache Yardage. Swoon.

So, finding myself kidless and rather socially retarded of a Tuesday evening, I whipped up a couple practice pillows, in anticipation of my brother finally closing on his house this weekend and being in dire need of a housewarming gift.

Vinny! If you're reading this...STOP!

And because, essentially, I am lazy; I just did two simple pillows from some scrap muslin I had on hand, and then made two envelope-closure pillow cases. Dig the fancy-pants stitching on the hem of my closure. Vinny should appreciate the argyle-style. I don't think that boy owns any non-argyle socks. At least, not any I've seen in the past few know...when he wears socks.

Two pillows in under two hours. Between huge spoonfuls of homemade risotto and large glasses of white wine. I sure hope my seams are even... when one drinks and sews while watching movies, one can never be entirely sure...


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