Friday, October 7, 2011

Urge to Sew

I've got the itch to sew this weekend.

I've got a millions WIPs and nothing much to show you just yet.
But it's coming...I promise...

here's a taste of what's piled on the dining room table right now:
Running with Scissor's Woodland Animals pattern...but as a Raccoon...for a certain little 3month old

 Noodlehead's Pretty Little Gathered Clutch
which I've had the pieces cut out for for..oh...weeks. *sigh*

Some terrycloth-backed Bibs for the upcoming Mystery Martin Baby...
I've got the terrycloth all cut & trimmed and a neat little ziploc baggie full of snaps and pre-cut velcro...but can't decide on the front material...seeing as I have to make them fairly unisex...for now...
I'm a big fan of these from Sir Bubbadoo

THIS  awesome little Chewbacca Softie... Yes...I've started thinking ahead to Christmas... oy. I've got an old, small-wale corduroy skirt just this color that doesn't *ahem* fit anymore...exactly...

And this V & Co. Shag Jersey pillow.
Which I've actually already made one of...but each child now steals mine and carries it off. Daily. So I'm in the process of making three smaller ones...because they truly truly are ridiculously easy and super-duper comfy for curling up on the couch with.

And of course all of these are in addition to Aimee's quilt which is done but not mailed...Jane's quilt which has a completed top/sandwich but has not been fully quilted or bound...and Mystery Baby Martin's quilt whose fabric I drooled over since it came out...but am now internally arguing over... I'll just throw some pictures out there of the fabric for fun...
(It's Children at Play from Sarah Jane Studios...and I. Want. All. Of. It.)


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