Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Seven intriguing things

Why seven?
Just because.

What it is: A monthly (or bi-monthly depending upon your fancy and/or your bankroll) delivery service of the best indie English-language mags from around the world. All offer "an intelligent alternative view of films, music, art and whatever else crosses their pages, they guarantee a fresh perspective on the world."  The fun part? Every Stack delivery is a surprise – you never know what you’re going to get next.
Adorably awesomemazing little etsy shop featuring archival quality prints of my favorite childhood toys: Fisher Price Little People. Layered with snarky little sayings, these prints would be perfect for a kid's room...or your own...

Because sometimes? It's like winning just to make it home in one piece some days...

4. Instant Cameras
There are vintage versions floating around ebay and such (like this little pink beauty)
 And Fuji's even relaunched theirs to snap & print "credit card sized mini photos" (The white Fujifilm Instax Mini below) But I miss laying the photo on the table and gathering around it to see how it develops. There's a touch of nostalgia that, if I could afford the cost of film, I'd like to introduce to the kiddos.

5. Vintage Pyrex
It's just so pretty...AND functional...I can't help myself.

6. Pillowcase Dresses
It's an old classic...and one I've yet to attempt...but the blog world seems to be littered with these the past few weeks (probably due to the heat, and ease of project completion? I hope?) so it's time to try one... I'm a big fan of this beauty by Aesthetic Nest

Which I've attempted to do a refashion of in my own colors/block pattern. It's almost hypnotic once you get stitching...and I see a LOT more in my future.

7.b the same site also had these great men's neckties which I'm itching to bust out...
In fact, when you get right down to it, I love this entire blog. She's got great style.

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