Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Minute Super Hero Capes

What do you do when it's 8:30 in the evening and two of your three children confess they need Super Hero costumes for summer camp the next day?

This. You do This.

Materials Needed:
1 XL Men's Tshirt

The Easy Way
 Cut carefully around the front neck of the Tshirt, leaving ring intact.
Cut off sleeves above the shoulder seam.
Leave back bodice/piece of shirt attached to neck.
Hem as needed, or not, jersey won't fray.
Attach applique if desired.
The End.

But wait...  you need TWO capes?! And you only have ONE Tshirt?
Ahhh...well then.. for the second cape, retrieve that front piece of the Tshirt that you cut away for the initial cape. 
Go ahead and grab one of your abandoned sleeves as well.

Fold that sleeve down inside itself to form a tube.

Lay the rough edges of your sleeve-tube down to match the rough/cut edges of the top of your shirt front.  Stitch all the way around the rough edges of your tube, right sides together, finishing the edges of the front and joining the neck tube to the cape/shirt front.

It helps to take a few tucks/pleats in the body of the cap so that it lays well on your kiddo.

And, voila!
Two capes (with random felt applique for each kid) in under an hour!

And, if you're feeling saucy?
Grab your scraps and fashion a couple of wristbandlets for each kiddo.
One spare sleeve from the men's XL tee, cut into strips, will make six wrist bands with some to spare. Kids have small wrists.

Just set your machine to a zig-zag stitch (to preserve the 'stretchiness' of your knit and so the kids can get the bands on and off easily). Turn your fabric strips right side together & stitch together at the short end so you have a small tube. Take any remaining felt scraps from your Super Hero Letter Applique and tack them right on your wrist bands.

Total cost for the Project: $0.
And Mr. Man STILL leaps from tall buildings[couches] in a single bound in his. Repeatedly. Much to the chagrin of the evil dark lord[his mother].

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  1. That is an AWESOME way to make capes....I am totally going to have to make some this way..it looks so much easier!


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