Friday, May 6, 2011

Packet Pickup Day!

It's Packet Pickup Day!!!
Nicki & I made our way over to The Convention Center over our lunch break & retreived our bibs & $50 Tshirts and assorted over freebies and goodies from the melee that is the annual One America 500 Festival Mini Marathon Expo.

It's always such a treat to talk blisters and race strategy with random runners.
We shopped a bit and strolled a bit. 
We sampled power bars and energy drinks.
We spun the wheel at the St. Vincent's Booth (always a must - they have the best swag every year).
It's just one more step in the build up to the weekend that I get excited about every year!

Such a pretty day for packet pickup... Blue skies, fluffy white clouds...
$5 says it's 40 degrees & raining Saturday morning. *le sigh*

We're moving so fast you can hardly see us!
We trained reallllllly  hard for this. Hah!

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