Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Champagne Wishes

Today I have expensive taste...
...if only I could indulge it.
Ohhh...to be tall & willowy & able to sport long-legged tailored trousers... Wouldn't these just be great on casual Fridays?

Gap's Tailored Jeans

Maybe paired with this lovely little number? I'm a firm believer that adding a tailored jacket immediately makes any outfit cocktails-after-work-worthy... Especially in this sweet cream color with the gathered pockets.
Ivory Crepe Double Breasted Jacket

I'd even endure heel-blisters for these little sling-backs. I'm a fan of the subtle blue and the wood heel.

Vena Cava+Tenoversix - The Kareem

This blouse just screams spring... I love the flattering drape of the material and the length of the sleeve. And paired with that skirt? Check out that scalloped hem and accented belt. Yum.

TOMTOM - Tie Dye Suede Wrap Bracelet

Okay and this one? I'm almost tempted to try my hand at.

Simple chunky chain-link bracelet.
Tie-Dyed, knotted, suede overlay
I could do this! Or some variation thereon.
And there, kiddOs, is where my projects come from.
Drool over enough fashion you can't afford, and at some point you're bound to find something you can reproduce cheaper and easier.

Happy Tuesday

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