Monday, September 26, 2011

Little Miracles...Finding the divine in th everyday.

When you woke up this morning, did you pray?

I'm just curious.

I didn't.

I hit snooze. twice. Then I shook three kids awake, showered, dressed and opted not to dry my hair.

I applied makeup with my left hand while tying tiny shoelaces with my right. I forced three frozen eggo waffles into the toaster at breakneck speed. I brushed hair and flossed tiny teeth and commanded two of the three Munchkins to wear mismatched socks because we were simply out of time for it to be otherwise.

We sped out of the house and our street so quickly that it was not until 15 minutes later that mr. man realized we'd left his bookbag leaning against the entryway wall, next to the front door. How he climbed into the car emptyhanded without either of us noticing it, I'll never know.
How much more or less chaotic would my day have been if I started the first 30 seconds of it with a silent Thank You?

Dear God,

Thank you for this day.
Thank you for the chance to rush to a job and a school my children love.

Thank you for these three miracles I have to get dressed in under 10 minutes flat.

Thank you for the extra 15 minutes of sleep I was able to squeeze in because the little miracles decided to sleep in for, perhaps, the second time in their entire lives.
Thank you for frozen waffles and warm soft towels right out of the dryer and comfy black stretchy leggings and the sleepy smile that The Monkey blesses me with every morning, even when it's sleep-crusted and sloppy.

Thank you for the people you've thrown, seemingly haphazardly, into my life because I never knew how important they'd be to me.

And Thank you for a loving family whose tireless support make it possible for me to survive these days.

Please bless them and keep them in your care as they run late and curse stop lights


P.S. Thank you for coffee. Scads of it. Rivers of it. Oceans of it.  It's some of your best work. Really. I mean that.

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