Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Grown Up Wrap Sundress

I wasn't kidding when I said I was sewing up a storm last weekend.
I completely forgot to post this little  beauty:

It's actually an adult variation of the Snap Wrap Toddler Dress I stumbled upon over at Prudent Baby

There's no reason to re-hash the assembly of the dress because the ladies over at Prudent Baby have done such a lovely job the first time around. I dutifully printed out my pattern pieces, fully intending on using that gorgeous peach patterned double gauze on dresses for The Biz & The Monkey. But somewhere along the way I just couldn't give it up. I loved that fabric too much. It looked just right against my tan. 

So I kept it. Yep, I'm selfish. So sue me.

I found, however, that I really liked the idea of a wrap dress, especially considering the 100 degree Saturday we were facing. So Friday night I pulled out a roll of freezer paper and, using my measurements, and the Snap Wrap Dress Pattern as a guide, drafted my own adult version of the pattern.

Oh Look! It's Aimee's as-yet unfinished quilt in the background there. *facepalm*  I have more unfinished projects laying about the house than I care to admit in public...

It came together simply and beautifully in just under two hours (And honestly? Most of that time was spent ironing and pressing the darn hems and seams. Grrrr. It's so tedious, but so worth it in the end.)
The dress is easy and breezy and I love it.
I think it'll even pair well with my brown boots and a chunky sweater on top once Fall is firmly entrenched here.

And, because The Munchkins' photo skills are not quite up to par just yet, and because my arms just aren't long enough to do a self-portrait justice, you'll have to settle for Eloise modeling the dress in my stead.

(Yes, Yes I did name my dressform. I name my houseplants for heaven's sake and they hardly last a week anymore. It's honestly a wonder I can keep three kidlets alive and flourishing when I have the ability to kill jade and aloe plants... sheesh.)

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