Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I should never be allowed to wander off, unattended, with $15 burning a hole in my pocket.

Because then I end up accidentally purchasing things like new undies (that say I [heart] nerds all over them) and larges of the most sinfully amazing dark hot chocolate on the planet courtesy of the South Bend Chocolate Company on the Circle... Who pays $6 for hot chocolate? Oh. That's right. I do. ohdear.

They say money can't buy happiness...but I'm not entirely sure about that. Which is why I'm pretty sure I have a shopping problem, and that it's a darn good thing I'm not rich, with lots and lots of disposable income.

Also, I witnessed the singularly most sexy thing this afternoon while strolling by au bon pain en route (i en route...) to the mall. A young couple sat outside on the patio under those giant yellow umbrellas that look like they belong on a turn-of-the-century Italian advertising poster. And the guy just randomly reached across the table and tucked a stray lock of the girl's hair behind her ear. So she grabs his wrist, turns her head, smiles, and drops a little kiss into the palm of his hand.

It was one of those acts that they've probably done dozens of times. Without thought. An automatic. And it's these actions that hold such appeal sometimes. I'm a voyeur at heart. I've never argued this fact. But I couldn't help it. I stared. Hard. I couldn't turn away. Give me a 'stache and call me Creepy McCreeperson, but the guy wasn't even MY lunch date and I wanted to vault over the cheaply erected barricade and tackle him to the ground.

It was innocent and sweet. It was sexy without meaning to be. It made me want.

If I could bottle that feeling...that spasm of muscles clenching in the vicinity of my heart at spying that little interaction...and sell it? I'd be a millionaire in a heartbeat.

And then I could afford LOTS of new pairs of quirky underwear and fancy hot chocolate...


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  1. 1a) Money can't buy happiness but it sure can make it easier to be happy.

    1b) When I was super poor after I got laid off, I would do my retail therapy virtually. For $20 I could buy $18mil in Star Wars Galaxies and travel the Star Wars universe stopping at a million user created stores buying art, furniture, clothes, food and whatever else I wanted. It felt like a real shopping spree but I never had to leave my house and I only spent $20 (which lasted me probably 4months). Nerd solution!!!

    2) That is fucking adorable. :)


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