Wednesday, March 5, 2008

learning from your children

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Learning from your Children
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I came into motherhood rather...unexpectedly shall we say...
And I quickly came to the realization that my children might very well be my greatest teachers in life.

But I always thought of it in more of an abstract way - unconditional love through kissing boo-boos and applying bandaids.

Not so Much.

My two-year-old son taught me to count to ten in German this past weekend.

He just busted out with it after bedtime prayers and at first I didn't recognize what he was saying.

eins...zwei...drei... "Buddy, what are you saying?" ...vier...fenf...sechs... "Wait, are you counting?" ...sieben...acht...neun...zehn!

Crap. my toddler is smarter than I am. I made him do it at least half a dozen times before he looked at me plaintively and told me he was "Tiiiiiired..."

My three-year old daughter can rattle off one through 20 in Spanish and French...and those I can keep up with easily enough, but German just floored me.

Anyone have any good recommendations for audio programs on learning basic German...I've gotta keep up.

p.s. - a kid who still lisps a bit saying "sieben...acht...neun" may just be the cutest thing you will EVER hear...EVER...

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