Wednesday, October 25, 2006


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wednesday, october 25, 2006

i remember when i was younger i would always nibble away at the cuffs of my shirts. a nasty habit to be sure, but an inescapable one. I would wiggle my thumbs from the inside and gnaw on the edges of my cuffs from the outside in moments of extreme boredom, frustration, agitation (insert emotion here). ultimately what i would have are two nifty thumb holds - so that the cuffs of my shirts could extend down well past my callused palms (can you say former gymnast?) but i would still have full use of those wonderfully opposable digits which separate us from the missing links of the world (tom robbin's description of said links notwithstanding).
today i am a sellout
today i am wearing a shirt with precut, prestitched thumbholes.
what seemed a novel and exciting idea in the store quickly lead to a quirky form of shoppers remorse. not over the price (a measely $14.99) but over the preconstruction of it all...i am so ashamed.
oh don't think the shame of it all will stop me from glancing down from time to time today and smiling at my shy palms and exposed thumbs...but the shame is there all the same.

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