Friday, October 13, 2006

he said...she said...

he said...she said...
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friday, october 13, 2006

is the truest definition of a woman one who can both inflict wounds and tend them?
are we cunning and courageous as the bloodthirsty biblical judith?
are we soft and serene as Bouguereau portrayed us?
are we all both indira and eve?
devis and devils?
does it matter?

i mean, let's face it, we're talking chromosomal differences here...but the chasm is at turns so narrow that one could hop from side to side...and at others yawning so wide that there is no sight of the other side. why is that? venus and mars notwithstanding why do we need interspecial translators to speak to one another. a very wise friend of mine once said that in her experience women need to first experience some level of intimacy before having sex, and that men often need to have sex to experience intimacy...i always wondered for how much of the populas this held true...if any (exceptions apply - let's not split hairs now) When i ask a favor it's never so much that i need assistance, only that i want my husband/brother/father/insert male quivalent here to have wanted to help have wanted to put my needs before their own - in and of itself a twisted notion to be sure and purely unfair...oh i know...but it doesn't make it any less true. which begs a new question - can we even help ourselves? or more importantly - why should we even want to?
why pick at the scabs of our differences when we can revel in them. i will never stand up to pee...i will never bodily move another out from the line of sight between an arm chair and sports center...i will never grunt an approval...and i'm really very fine with all of that. Equally i hope that the males in my life never secretly long for a candlelit bubble bath, or shed a tear over a cotton commercial (while post-partum...cut me some slack here) or sigh and shiver uncontrollably at the removal of certain societally-required undergarments. Its these differences so integral to our beings that help to define who we are... whether these differences are learned or programmed into that single chromosome may not matter so much in the long run. the chasm will always be there...i'm just looking for a reliable rope bridge along the way.

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