Sunday, November 14, 2010


So...I'm cleaning out ye olde inbox at work today and came across the following from my friend Mark. I believe it came about originally in response to my calling "dibs" on something over lunch. Which then jump started a conversation in which Mark may or may not have divulged that he & his friends play "dibs" when they go out.
This sort of stuff needs to be shared. It's awesomeness in its purest form.
Rules for Dibs
1. If you call more than 10 dibs in a single venue in one night you become obligated to talk to one of them. If you leave and comeback to the same venue on the same night they still count.

2. If they are later found to be smoking and you don't like smokers it can be an annulment of the dib by your choice. Option of.

3. No MASS dibs, 1 or 2 max and you have to see them.

4. Limited time dibs, properly called with a reasonable view or within moments.  You don’t get all night to decide.  

5. No annulment of a dib without the reason stated in #2

6. If the said dib turns out to be a tranny, you will forever be banned from the game of dibs for giving it a bad name.

7. You can trade dibs if both parties agree on the trade, otherwise you have to stick to your dib unless rule #2 applies.

8. It is recommended to carry a brown paper bag or have one on hand that at least fits over your head incase a mishap on dib #10 in which it turns out to be a bad call.

9. If a girl calls dibs on you, it becomes one of your dibs, only counts towards your 10 if you are approached by her.

10. If you exchange numbers or she steals the number out of your phone with a said dibs, she becomes yours no matter what due to being able to contact that person at all times.

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