Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Found: One Doll Pattern. And the Christmas Gift Making has Begun...

This doll officially qualifies as the most adorable thing I have ever made.


And the possibilities for personalization? They're endless
I've already dreamed up about three dozen different outfits, aprons, buttons, pinafores, barrettes, bows, gee-gaws, etc. that I can accessorize these babies with.

Should I have ironed her face before stitching her together? Okay...probably. But she was my test doll. And you all know about my lack of patience with the iron...

I found the original pattern HERE

and then got lost in the artist's etsy.com store HERE
*le sigh*

And the best part? Finished the doll in about an hour & a half!
And that includes embroidering the eyes & mouth!
It's a Sunday afternoon nap time sort of project extraordinaire.

The girls are getting a couple of these for Christmas for sure.
AND I've already combed through the scrap basket for pieces that I can use to turn a couple of them into nursery rhyme dolls for The Monkey... and maybe super heroes for the Baz-Man. I figure I could easily do Spiderman, Superman, Batman/Robin, and maybe The Hulk with the same pattern...

I'm off to sketch up a few more!!!

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