Friday, August 28, 2009

T-shirt Decon: IndyMojo Style

A little Stitch Witchery @ 2am and here's what I came up with...

Read on for the How To:
Step 1. Gather your shirts.
For this project you're going to need 2 L or XL shirts.
And, because I'm planning to rock this little number out with the Mojo crew...

Step 2. Stack & Snip
Once you've chosen your two colors/shirts, just stack them and snip off the sleeves on either side, the collar from the top, and any excess from the bottom so that you're left with four pieces of 20" square fabric.

Step 3. Arc! Who goes there?
Cut a gradual arc from the bottom left corner up through the upper right corner of the shirt. Then, take your waist measurement (ex: 30") and divide by 6. Then measure down and across by this number at the upper left corner. Snip it right off. (This will ultimately become the waist band of your skirt)

Step 4. Come Together, Right Now
Lay it out all pretty, in alternating colors.
Now turn it over, and pull out the Singer...

Step 5. Assembly Line
Match up your edges and go to town.
This step is pretty much a no brainer, right?
Good, let's move on...

Step 6. Tulle Makes it Allll Better
And, because I'm feeling funky, we're adding a couple layers of tulle to this puppy. Fun, right?!
Turn your skirt inside out. Now fan fold the tulle to create some pleats and whipstitch it to the interior of the skirt. Careful! The tulle wants to stick to everything... including your thread.

Step 7. Cheater Edging/Stitch Witchery
I know I've divulged that I'm a bit of a cheater when it comes to sewing... and nowhere is it more evident than right here, kids.

Stitch Witchery is my best friend.
You cut the fusable webbing to the desired length, sandwich it between two layers of fabric and iron for 10 seconds. The only thing more awesome than that? Stumbling across some silky blankie edging at JoAnne Fabrics last week! So I reverse-hemmed the waistline of the skirt with the black edging. This serves two purposes: (a) it gives the skirt a nice polished look, and (b) it keeps the itchy tulle away from your skin at the waist band. Trust Me this is a good thing!

Finished Skirt!
No picture for you today, kids!
You wanna see this one, you'll have to come hunt me down.
I'll be at Howl @ the Moon tonight!

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