Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Vacations Logs: Mt. Mansfield

Who hikes the highest summit in all of Vermont with three kids, two babes in backpacks, and a ten-week old puppy?

We do.

With the Adirondacks to the west of us and the White Mountains to the east, we trekked up Monday for breathtaking views of Stowe. The Munchkins bounded from boulder to boulder, ecstatic just to spend a day out of the car.

Sister was in her element, hiking boots on, on of the twins rigged up on her back, pointing out landmarks and keeping up a constant patter of back & forth with the Luke on her back. I am im awe of her strength. Not even twins can slow that woman down. She has a new serenity about her that I don't remember from before the twins Nothing seems to rattle the half smile from her face.  It's hard having her live so far away, but seeing her so stunningly happy eases that a bit.

This is the best version of you, Jane. The most YOU you will ever be; despite past conversations to the contrary.

Love you.

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