Saturday, July 25, 2015

Vacation Logs: Two States at Once!

When i was a kid, road trips meant car bingo and counting cows for points and seeing how many truckers you could get to blow their horns from the ultra-awesome rear facing bench seat in the family station wagon.

Just now, as we crossed from never-ending Ohio into Pennsylvania, and I stretched my arms out Air Jordan Wingspan style into the backseat, and proudly proclaimed "Two states at Once!!"  I recieved a masterful eyeroll and whole body shrug from the eldest, deeply involved with her movie. Electronics rule this car. And don't get me wrong, this vehicle has been blissfully quiet for the past six hours... but couldn't they at least humor me about the crossing state lines? It's kind of my thing.

In other news, the puppy has slept almost the entire trip, and The Captain is rocking out to Danger Zone. We're survivng, folks!
Onward & upward.

...Until next time...

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