Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My wish for you…

Even now, when I feel empty for the ache of you at my side, I wish for your happiness above all. I hope you’re laughing, and giving someone that derisive twist of a smile that everyone but me seemed to find vaguely condescending. I found it charming and horribly sexy. I hope you have legos underfoot where you are. I hope you’re three steps into a random DIY project that involves dropping something that will shatter out of a second-story window. I hope you have three kinds of ice cream in your freezer and a jar of hot fudge in the fridge. I hope you have something to blow up soon so you don’t fall out of practice. I hope you have a bar close enough to stumble home from after drinks with your brothers. I hope you’ve fallen into a routine, but not too strict of one. I hope you have time to sleep in, time to relax, time to realize the weight of the world doesn’t rest solely on your shoulders even though you think it must. I hope you laugh. Often. Because it transforms your entire face and makes you seem years younger. I hope you find someone to tease you mercilessly about your staunchly unartistic views on life. It’s good to be challenged. Sometimes the best mix of people includes those on complete opposite ends of the spectrum. I hope you’re watching dinosaur movies and being corrected on the names of them. I hope you miss me, just a little, even though it’s selfish of me to even think it. I hope you find contentment in the small victories and everyday occurrences that most people rush by on the way to their next job, next meeting, next big thing. I hope you’re happy, wherever you end up. Even if it's not with me.

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