Monday, July 16, 2012

Babysitting Louis

I got to steal my nephew away for a few hours last week.
And I have officially discovered the joy of nephews.
We got to hold him and spoil him and coo at him and when we'd done all that?
We got to give him back.
Why did I even bother having kids? This is SO much better!

Louis: The world's most laid-back baby EVER.

Unless he's hungry, or had three cousins in his face trying to play with him at once for a few minutes. Then watch out, this kid's got a set of pipes on him!

The Monkey has proceeded to ask me two questions every single day since our first baby-sitting adventure:
1) When do we get to babysit Louis again?
Answer: as soon as his parents will let us!

2) When does she get a little brother?
Answer: Kid. It's so not happening.

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