Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Fall always puts me in the mind of
of dresses paired with boots or thick tights and little cardigans...and hats.
lots and lots of hats...
To that end, I've found myself surfing about the blogosphere collecting pictures of cute vintage dresses and hats that I adore. Part of me wants to try and recreate some of these patterns and make my own. Part of me wants to hit up consignment shops and goodwills and try to find some of these pretty patterns to tease up or down into my size.
One thing's for sure... I intend to ditch the work-friendly twills and slacks for more dresses and tights this year...

ack! I love both this skirt AND this coin purse!!!

And while you're here...pop on over HERE and listen to "Take Care" by The Beach House...because it's just lovely.

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