Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Gloriously Unfinished

I have become lost in craft blogs lately.

I want to make a dress, refinish a lampshade, recover throw pillows and refashion some of my ex-husbands old dress shirts into sundresses for the girls.
The problem? Big ideas. Poor follow through. I've started a million projects. I have an amazing set of purses started, but not a single one finished. I have started skirts and dresses and belts and headbands. I've made three-quarters of iron man and cinderella costumes. I've made some silk pajama pants, but not the tops yet. I love wandering the aisles of fabric and picturing all the projects they could become. I like letting my fingers play over chenille's and jerseys and silks. I like to match colored zippers to neutral linens to create a shocking little contrast. I've got jars of buttons, drawers of fasteners and half-projects litter my dining room table and computer desk and bedroom alcove.
I am hopeless.
Ain't it grand?

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