Friday, May 21, 2010

Vacation Planning Extraordinaire.

I love to plan.
I am a planner.
I love lists and itineraries and travelogues.
Follow through? Notsomuch.
This helps to explain why, since our late twenties, the girls and I have been 'planning' our Dirty-Thirty get-away. The girls, like me, are planners. We like the idea of vacation. We like looking at TravelZoo and emailing each other amazing deals that we find that we're not taking advantage of this month...

But, yesterday, I received the most amazing email from my friend, Stephanie.
Everyone say, "Hi, Stephanie!"
Isn't she cute?

Here we are together. We like our beer. We like it a lot. We also like the Haufbrau House in Pittsburg. It's pretty Rad.

Stephanie very clearly spells out in 30 key points why we MUST actually go on vacation this year instead of continue to just plan our vacation. And you know what? She's right. As soon as I make a list of things I need on this vacation and ways I can pay for it, I'm booking it, darnit...

30. We are awesome.
29. Boys are dumb; throw rocks at them.
28. Kids are awesome but so are breaks from them.
27. Tim took a trip, and now it's Jill's turn.
26. Karrie doesn't get headaches when she's on vacation.
25. We are awesome.
24. Steph's moving out of town and should get extra time with her girls.
23. At 30, Caralyn still knows how to party and needs to remind the rest of us.
22. All you can eat
21. All you can drink (#21, ahem!)
20. We are awesome.
19. Vacation = less worry of embarassment from running into people you know after drinking.
18. We've already survived vacations together -- a sign of true friendship.
17. It's been WAAAAY too long since our last vacation together!
16. We've been talking about this ever since our late twenties were threatening to turn us into 30-somethings.
15. We are all pale as ghosts and need some vitamin D.
14. Did I mention we are awesome?
13. Indiana weather sucks often enough that we should sample other climates.
12. We aren't required to have chaperones on our vacations anymore.
11. The ocean is awesome.
10. Oh yeah, I almost forgot: We are awesome.
9. It's good motivation to get in shape (swimsuits...yikes!).
8. If we don't get in shape, girls' vacay means no one gives a shit what you look like in your swimsuit anyway. :)
7. It's an excuse to get pedicures -- all sandals, all the time!
6. Speaking of pedicures, we could get more than one - cruise lines have spas.
5. We are awesome. But we already knew that.
4. It's totally acceptable to either a.) cram as much as possible into one day or b.) do absolutely nothing all day.
3. Living without constant connection to facebook or email won't even matter because we'll be with the people we like to facebook and email.
2. No boys, no kids, no parents, no responsibilities...and the company of those that love us even though we're 30!!!!!!!!!!!!
1. With deals like this, there is no reason NOT to take a vacation together!!!!

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  1. I pretty much love you to pieces. Why? Because YOU ARE AWESOME. :)


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