Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cassette Tape Wallet: Day of Reckoning

Cassette Tape Wallet: Day 2
What happened after I mangled a couple of them...

So after several attempts to attach a coin purse hasp to the top of my cassette tape wallet
(several failed attempts. do i really need to say it?)
I wised up.
A zipper! A zipper was definitely the way to go.
So here we go:

You can purchase zipper pieces by length for about $1.00 at your local crafting store.
They come in all kinds of crazy colors,
which makes me immensely happy

Step 1. Attach the zipper
You'll want to unzip it and do it half at a time.
I used the mac daddy of all glue: E-6000.
This stuff will fume up a room in under 15 seconds,
so open your windows.
Apply a thin layer of the glue all around the edges of your tape interior. Let the glue dry for 1-2 minutes then press the edges of the zipper into the glue. I used the dull edge of an orange stick to press the material more firmly into the glue.
It's a pain in the butt, but take your time with this step. Hold the zipper down & make sure you get a tight fit, allowing plenty of room for the zipper to wrap around the corners.

Step 2. Attach the interior lining
Once the zipper is firmly attached to either edge of the tape,
cover the interior with a thin layer of glue and lay the lining in.

Viola! A masterpiece!
You'll still want the whole thing to dry overnight.
I've found its best uses are one or two cards/ID and some change.
It's not heavy duty... but it is awesome...
Switch it up, try different tape/lining covers, go hog wild!
And don't be surprised if more of you start receiving these as gifts in the near future...
I'm just sayin...

The End.

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