Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Cassette Tape Wallet: Day 1

Because I decided I needed something new to keep my loose change in, and because really, I don't listen to my Talking Heads tape so often anyway, I decided to finally create my cassette tape wallet. C'mon in, I'll show you how I did it...

Step 1. Find a Tape

Step 2.
Take a photo for posterity

Step 3.
Gather your tools! I used a plain old flathead screwdriver to separate the tape casing and a good sturdy pair of snips to trip off the excess plastic bits on the interior

Step 4.
Remove the tape.
This bit was good to blow off a little steam. Pretend it's the mix tape your ex-middle-school boyfriend made you before he kissed Rachel under the bleachers. er. um. or something like that...
This is the fun part... you'll be amazed at how much tape is actually in there. Then you'll start wondering, now how do they get the music ON there? And you'll be tempted to Google "cassette tapes" or maybe Wikipedia it... but Stay Focused! We're mid-project here, kids!

Step 5.
Pry open the cassette. Careful! You don't want to split it. Use your flathead screwdriver to wedge the ends open and then slowly, slowly pop that sucker open. When you're done, it should look like this:
Step 6.
Pick up the snips and go to town - you'll need to trim off and file down all the excess pieces sticking up on either side of the cassette. Careful! I had pieces flying everywhere (perhaps I was a little overzealous about the whole procedure? Hmmm)

Step 7.
Choose your internal lining color.
I opted, after polling a small sample group via text, for a shockingly bright purple velour material. It's fairly awesome.

See? Isn't that purple going to look great peeking through?
You'll need to trim two pieces of fabric to line each half of the cassette. You'll then have a sturdy base to attach both the interior pocket and the zipper or metal hasp.

Step 7.
Making the internal pocket.
I love my sewing machine. Isn't it pretty? Don't you love it too?
It's just sew terribly useful.
(I also love bad puns. please forgive me)
The Internal pocket is what will actual hold your change/credit cards/miscellany.
I used my lining pieces as a template and created two more rectangles PLUS two small wedge shapes.
I'll show you how to stitch all this together tomorrow... It's a two-day project, get ready!

... to be continued ...

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