Saturday, June 30, 2007

tastes of summer

tastes of summer
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saturday, june 30, 2007

i have rediscovered the pure, unadulterated joy
of ice cream sandwhiches in summer

(i just ate three)
(in my defense...i think they've shrunk those suckers since i was a kid...)

So, in honor of my rediscovery, I've compiled the following list:

Top Ten Flavors of Summer
10. Ice Cream Sandwhiches
9. Red Popsicles (on the wooden stick, not in the plastic sleeve)
8. Anything done on a charcoal grill
7. S'Mores
6. Potato Salad/Cole Slaw (i have trouble differentiating the two in my memory)
5. Ring Pops (from the concession stand at your little brother's tee ball game)
4. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Ball Park Dog (yes, a $5.00 hot dog tastes better than a regular one!)
2. Ice Tea (Sweet Tea)
1. Watermelon

did i forget anything?

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