Tuesday, June 5, 2007

still prego...

STILL prego...
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tuesday, june 5, 2007

37.5 weeks down
2.5 weeks (ish) to go
STILL prego
STILL can't see my feet when vertical
STILL have a slight waddle when i try to run
STILL can't carry my kids around
STILL can't reach the top cabinet shelves in the kitchen w/o bumping
the belly on the edge of the counter
STILL don't think i'm ready to be a mom of THREE
how did that happen? am i truly an adult?
i still laugh out loud at my kids' Saturday Morning Cartoons
i would have cereal three meals a day if it didn't use up all the milk in the house
i still get as big a kick out of running around barefoot and blowing bubbles
on a nice day as my two-year-old son
Shouldn't an adult have a stronger grip on
her daily sanity levels,
her housekeeping skills,
her ability to walk/chew gum/shuffle songs on her ipod all at once?

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Best of Wonder Years

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