Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Wrap Up

Is today November 8th? 

Am I just now posting about Halloween?

Am I just now attempting to revive this blog after an interminable break?

So this year, as opposed to in years past, I only made ONE of the Halloween costumes this year.  And it wasn't the witch...and it wasn't the cheerleader...

Only Mr. Man consistently requests costumes one cannot actually find in a store.
This year, he was the Joker from Batman. But not just any Joker - he had to be the Heath Ledger Joker.
He may be one of my heart-throbs...but dude was just plain creepy as the Joker. Truth.

So I hacked a pair of pants & a purple blazer from some Goodwill finds and whipped up a quick Green Vest from some fabric on hand...and viola! The Joker! (plus about a pound of white pancake makeup, etc.)

And of course if we had a Joker...we had to have a Batman/Woman.
I just had no choice!

^The Obligatory Porch Photo^

And of course this year we journeyed out to Irvington to decorate our windows for their Annual Halloween Festival. Just like last year The Munchkins' Aunt Rosemary was able to snag a window right outside of Black Sheep Boutique (just a hop, skip and a jump from Jockamos, Black Acre, Homespun, and other local favorites) So the kiddos got to work with promises of hot pizza and warm conversation at nearby Jockamo's for dinner.

 The Monkey illustrated a scene from "The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown"
I'm pretty proud of the originality...and inclusion of Linus's blanket!

 The Biz did a bucolic Pumpkin Patch scene...using every last drop of the blue paint.
And if you think that went unchallenged, you obviously don't have kids...

And Mr. Man, after much debate, decided on a graveyard scene...with some bloody bats flying above (because no black and no blue left. oy.)

But my FAVORITE part about Halloween this year?
My Minion Pumpkins.
Now this is a case where Pinterest was just soul crushing.
But, you know, in a good way.
I thought I was being original...I had this great paint my pumpkins to look like Minions! Guess what? about 3 million other people had that same original idea. Hah. Oh well. So after floating through 50+ Pinterest photos of other people's Minion photos I just turned the phone off and decided to wing it.
I'm pretty pleased. These little guys are adorable.
And eight days later? I just haven't had the heart to toss them in the dumpster yet...

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