Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The obligatory First Day of School post.

Well, it's finally happened...
All Three of The Munchkins are in school.

No more babies. No more bottles. No more sippy cups. No more daycare.
I have a house full of "big kids" now.

God, it just breaks your heart sometimes, doesn't it? I blinked and they were out the door.

The Monkey just missed the window to join her brother and sister at the world's best IPS Magnet school, so we signed her up for Holy Cross Central just down the block from our place. And, oh, does that place bring tiny memories surging back. Catholic schools all just smell the same don't they? It's this mix of carpet shampoo and worn wood bannisters and incense and floor wax. 

And the Monkey didn't even hesitate, didn't even flinch this morning. She treated her first day of school in much the same way that she does every aspect of her life: Full tilt forward.

Not a glance back, not a moment's hesitation. And much as it would have soothed my maternal instincts to have her be just the tiniest bit tearful this morning, practically speaking I was thankful she wasn't. Otherwise I wouldn't have been able to hold the tears at bay until my breakdown in the parking garage at work.

Rally on, gang. Life moves to fast to stress the small stuff.



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