Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Minute Gift-Giving

So we did a little sewing last night...

The eldest two Munchkins have book-buddies at school. They're each assigned a junior high student early on at school and this year, and they meet weekly to visit, read, and from the stories that sometimes trickle home, these kids serve as mentors to the younger students. Anyway, both Isabelle & Baz have "graduating" book buddies in eighth grade, and today's the last day they'll get to hang out.  Isabelle's over the moon for her book-buddy and has requested red Chucks, silver jewelry and funky hair on more than one occasion to be just like her. She decided weeks ago that she was going to lay claim to some of my mustache fabric from Crimson Tate and "Make something for Maddie". 

So last night we sat down, The Biz in my lap, and did a little sewing.

Isabelle helped measure and cut the material.
I worked the foot pedal and let little hands guide the material through.
About an hour later we had two simple little zippered pouches done and ready to be filled with silly little trinkets for the book buddies.

I'm pretty fond of the talking mustache keychains...

Baz may not have done the sewing, but he specifically requested the material for his book buddy. Hopefully the older kids get a kick out of the gifts.
The Munchkins were so proud, wrapping them up last night, knowing they'd had a hand in creating something for their friends.

Next Up? Teacher Gifts!
Just three more days of school left!

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