Monday, June 13, 2011

+1 to a Groomsman

+1 Twitter Jag.
I was a 'plus one' at the wedding of a very good friend of Mr. Handsome's this weekend.
And, rather than wax poetic about the beautiful evening or the absolutely gorgeous bride, I instead submit for your approval the various tweets and texts and half-blurred phone-camera shots I indulged in all evening (and the following day)... Because, frankly, that's much more fun when you're flying solo for half the evening...
My dress? It has pockets. Why yes. yes I am rather badass.
I've got an empty seat on either side of me. I must have cooties.
Annnnd I just got my first pity smile. #plus1
I love little old men in suspenders... #plus1 
Why don't I own more teal shoes and get more pedicures? I feel like I own the world right now. And I don't even LIKE feet.
God they're so young. Was I ever this young? #plus1
Groomsmen just rolled up to the ceremony in golfcarts. Love it. My boyfriend is dead sexy in aviators. 
Groomsmen+aviators+golf carts. Sharp dressed man? Yes please. #plus1

Walking into a room full of people is never harder than when you don't know a single oneof them #plus1
Vodka tonic is my best friend #plus1
What is it about wedding receptions that make it socially acceptable to go to the bar before saying hello to anyone? That IS socially acceptable right? shit. 

It was not difficult to pick out the soldiers at the reception. It was difficult to say hello. I'm such a weenie. #plus1
Buffets my friend... #plus1
Do you think it would be wrong to drag my date into the coat closet and take advantage of him at a wedding where he's a groomsman? They wouldn't miss him would they?
The toilet seat...after several MUCH lower than expected. #plus1
I think I've run gouges into my head from stupid bobbypins. WHY did I think putting my hair up for a wedding was a good idea? Lazy hair is so much more comfortable. How long do I wait to take my hair down? 15 mins? Too soon?

Bride has one of those fantastically frothy princess-skirts on. I wonder how you pee with any less than three attendants in one of those? #plus1
I think there are elephants line dancing in the ballroom above us. No lie. If I die from falling ceiling tiles tonight tell everyone I want balloons at my funeral, k? 
Photo booths are fun! #plus1 


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