Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lesson Learned

Lesson Learned.

Don't get your sewing machine out after dinner unless you're prepared to do 3+ hours of on-demand stitching.

Last night I made:
 One Fully-reversible, soon to be flame-covered Superhero Cape & Superhero Eyemask

Three Fully lined, appliqued & zippered Stash Pouches

The initial pattern cutout & prepwork for a new baby blanket (gift)

Last night all I intended to to:
Hem a pair of my dress pants.

The only project I DIDN'T get to:
Hemming my pair of dress pants.

What I'm wearing today:
A skirt.

oh well.
The Munchkins were in heaven playing with my fabric stash, so all was calm and bright into the nine-o'clock hour at my house...

The green canvas pouch w/bug fabric interior & applique robot on the outside? Far&away my favorite. Plus, now Mr. Man has a pouch to put his Daily Word Cards in...so they make it to & from home & school intact...and I can stop receiving notes like "Sebastian failed to return 2 of his 5 word cards this week. Let's work on this!"  ugh. Where do those things even GO after we put them in his book bag each night???

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