Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Of love & lust...

Love vs. Lust

It's an age old battle for some. for other... they're just sort of symbiotic. Like dogs & ticks. Either way, I don't think one necessarily precludes the other. You need a healthy injection of lust for love to be sustainable (at least in my experience). And, just because you have lust doesn't mean there can't be love in there as well.

I will admit that there are different kinds of love floating about out there. I love my kids, and I love ice cream, and I loved my ex husband. I lust after a good taco, a good lay, and clearance sales at the mall... I crave the kind of lust that makes your heart race, makes everything seem a bit larger than life, a bit brighter and deeper and that softens the hard edges of bad habits and flaws. It'll sustain me for now... but eventually. at some point. down the road a ways. maybe when my heart feels full and healed... I want to be able to stumble into the kitchen in a bathrobe and my monkey slippers and start a pot of coffee, knowing that if I forget to flip the switch on, or godforbid plug the damn thing in, that in a few minutes, someone else will stumble in the room in their bathrobe and slippers and do it for me.

There's a comfort in love that is enriched by the work you put into it. I do miss that sometimes.

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