Thursday, September 24, 2009

T-shirt Decon: IndyMojo returns

Thanks to the generous donation of one gorgeous Ms. Coddington,
I have yet another IndyMojo Tshirt to play with.
Last night, I decided to vent a build up of frustration on said poor, unsuspecting T.


Knot so Fancy...
1. Pick your poison

2. Straight up now Tell Me...
Slice straight up through each side of the T, just inside the seam of the sleeve.

3. Hack Job
Off with his head!

4. Fringe Benefits
Fringe out the sides of the tube.
Your waist measurement (as it turns out) works perfectly for this.
Divide your waist measurement by 2 (ex: 30"/2 = 16").
Now subtract 2 (16" - 2 = 14").
Center this measurement on the Tshirt. Chalk the edges.
Fringe the side of the shirt to the line.
I made cuts every 2 inches, but there's room for variety here...

5. Knot so savvy
Tie off each paired up fringe.


*this works well as an off the shoulder shirt OR a skirt - but put a friend on booty duty (or wear some funky stockings under it) as this puppy will shift as you shimmy...

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