Thursday, April 19, 2007

a perfect day to dig, don't you think?

a perfect day to dig, don't you think?
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tuesday, april 3, 2007

it's just a pefect day to dig, don't you think, mommy? my newly-turned three-year-old announced after dinner. Not one to often argue with such pristine logic i turned the munchkins loose on my flower beds in back wth pink and blue plastic trowel sets while i attempted to rid the back courtyard of the weeds that pop up between the bricks.
Now officially three and "a big girl now, just like you" isabelle is officially an expert on every subject, as evidenced by her running commentary for 56 straight minutes of gardening maintenance. Her diatribes ran the gamut thisevening from why birds eat worms and bugs (because they live outside and their mommy's prob'ly don't have stoves to make them macaronis and hot dogs, and bugs taste better than rocks) to a detailed explanation of how we were going to get the imaginary baby elephant out of our backyard and back to the zoo (we'd have to build a stairs so he could climb over our fence because he was way to fat to fit through the gates after all those peanuts we fed him earlier). And every third or fourth word was punctuated by a mysteriously little echo emanating from the child-shaped mound of dirt that was sebastian (oh-so-near to turning two) - busy digging tunnels behind my bushes.
She was right - it was a perfect day to dig. From the height of a third-floor window, the backyard looks much more respectable now, even if my nails do not. And, while my back is now screaming at me for spending an hour bent over in the yard, I feel better for having run around barefoot for a while, squishing my toes in the dark, cool dirt that hid under a layer of mulch and leaves all winter. Life is so much simpler through the eyes of my kids. Why is simplicity so hard to keep in mind when shifting about in our daily lives? My toddlers have it nailed - I'm the one who has to keep relearning it.

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