Friday, February 23, 2007

i love the murat because...

i love the murat because...
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friday, february 23, 2007

...of chris botti tonight...

you know those notes...that hang precariously out in space...designed to shatter an already broken and overly abused heart into perfect, poison-tipped shards?

the notes that go on until you're sure that all you must be hearing is the reverberation from the open air?

the notes pulled (never pushed) from the bell of a trumpet that shouldn't exist in the natural world, and certainly not on any musical scale i'm familiar with?

music should tug at you from across a room
it should hurt to listen to for too long
it should leave you breathless for more
not enough music today does...and there were a few small moments, tonight, that it did...

i needed the reminder

Currently listening:
When I Fall in Love
By Chris Botti

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