Wednesday, July 25, 2007

addictive personality

addictive personality
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wednesday, july 25, 2007

i always assumed that i should stay away from casinos...
knowing what i do about my personality and divining the rest from every gambling addiction commercial on television, i kind of assumed that if i stepped foot one into a casino i'd be lost.
okay. not lost. i did make my way back out...eventually...down but not out.
it was just so sparkly...the mix of pumped-in oxygen and the sharp glint of flourescent lights off the polished chrome of the slot machines. the soft whoosh of a new deck of cards dealt quickly across green felt tables. the white-murmur of floating waitresses and old women talking to their machines mixing with the metallic clink of the slots whirring to life.

a few days away at French Lick Springs Resort & Casino left me almost tan, rested and rejuvinated; and convinced that i was right about myself and gambling. god, i'm so ready to go back...

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